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A Practical Guide to build your Emotional Intelligence profile

What you’ll learn


Psychologists have been studying human behavior since long. After many years of researches, one results tells that 70% of the times, people having average IQ perform better than those having high IQ. As per one research 90% of the top performers are the one’s having high EQ but not high IQ. This means that IQ is not ONLY criteria to gain success. What makes some people more successful than others? How some people develop resilience in comparison to others? What makes them keep rolling?  This special sense is declared as Emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligent people are far away better in terms of their behavior, attitude, relationships and motivational skills than ordinary people. They are optimal in behavior management, anger management, conflict management and stress management. They are strong in self-management and relationship handling.

Emotional intelligence is more like a profile. How to build our EI profile? How can we learn art of EI, what role our brain plays in all this? How our thoughts, emotions and our actions are connected? We shall be learning these in this course in a very SIMPLIFIED way keeping in mind all types of audience.

Lets kick it off.

Who this course is for:

  • Emotional intelligence is applicable to every aspect of life regardless of one’s profession, age, gender or qualification.
  • Students who want to identify their own capabilities, their own purpose of life, motivational drive and to master their emotions.
  • Students who want to boost their confidence and develop skills to stay strong in tough situations.
  • Students who want to develop high resilience against odds, EI is the best skill for them.
  • Students who want to improve their relationship management skill
  • Students who want to improve their social skills
  • Students who want o learn and control their emotions
  • Students who want to start coaching people
Emotional Intelligence SIMPLIFIED Download

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