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Learn & Apply the Business Analysis Tools: 7S & CAGE

Learn & Apply the Business Analysis Tools: 7S & CAGE Download

Learn how to apply these two powerful Business Analysis Tools to analyze and study a small business

Learn Apply the Business Analysis Tools 7S CAGE

What you’ll learn
  • Students will learn two of the Business Analysis Frameworks: the 7S and the CAGE. And, how to apply them to real-life situations
  • There are no course requirements or prerequisites

Learn and apply two of the most powerful Business Analysis Tools – the 7S and the CAGE frameworks  to analyse and study a small business. The 7S and the CAGE are acronyms, referring each to a set of specific perspectives of any Enterprise, as follows:
– The 7S focusing on: Structure, Systems, Style, Staff, Skills, Strategy, Structure … And,
– the CAGE focusing on these perspectives: Cultural, Administrative, Geographic, Economic.

At first site these two models have different focus and as such complete one another, if used together in the same study.

Your success will be attributed to Analysing your Business (or that of your client) and lead you to making decisions quickly, objectively, effectively and efficiently in a logical, structured manner: you will be taught here the CAGE and 7S Frameworks, two Business Analysis Tools which allow you to do just that!

The CAGE and 7S Frameworks, which you will learn in this course are powerful Tools that are often used by Professionals such as Consultants, Analysts, Decision Makers, etc. The step-by-step approach adopted here makes the Course accessible to ALL and easy to use by EACH and everyone.

You need to complete all the lectures to develop the inherent Business Analysis Skills. But, you do not need any prior knowledge of the CAGE and the 7S Business Analysis models.

Reach over Now, click the button and “Take the Course”. You will master this powerful Business Analysis & Problem Solving Models, their Frameworks and their application as Tools which harness fundamental skills that will accompany you for life: a first class investment, no doubt!

Who this course is for:
  • Student who will benefit strongly from this course include Business Analysts, Consultants, Managers, Problem Solvers, Decision Makers, Entrepreneurs and Anyone with keen interest in Business Analysis and Enterprise Study.
Learn & Apply the Business Analysis Tools: 7S & CAGE Download

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