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Web Application penetration testing and Bug Bounty Course

Web Application penetration testing and Bug Bounty Course

Web Application penetration testing and Bug Bounty Course Download

Complete Ethical hacking and penetration testing guide to make sure that your web application is secure

Web Application penetration testing and Bug Bounty Course

What you’ll learn
  • you will be able to apply for Jr. Pentester
  • Intermediate Bug Bounty hunter
  • Find and report critical bugs
  • Prepare Proof of Concepts for bugs
  • Automate vulnerability searches
  • Learn about web goat, hackme casino and Kali
  • Use computers at basic level
  • Basic understanding of working of websites
  • Windows and MAC, both are good for this course

Welcome to Web application penetration testing and bug bounty course. A course that teaches you practically, about web application security, protecting your websites from attacks and reporting bugs for reward money, if you found one.

Every single day, you read this in news, linkedin was attacked, Yahoo was attacked and have asked users to change their passwords. Cyber security is next Big thing. Every month thousands of people are learning about web app development and yet only a few are learning to secure those applications

We have designed this course, so that you can learn to secure web application. Regardless that you know, How to design one or not, these skills will help you to run various tests and enhance security of web apps. By the end of this course, you will able to apply for Junior web application pen tester, A complete independent bug bounty hunter and secure web developer.

In this course we will learn to install our own labs to do pentesting. We will walk you through with OWASP, top vulnerabilities like sql injection, Cross site scripting, session management flaws and various others. Also we will give you enough challenges to practice along.

Ideal student for this course is one who is interested in Web application security, Bug bounty and developers who want to secure their web apps.

Our goal with this course is to create more security experts so that these incidents can be minimised. It used to be time when banks were attacked, now everything is online and so is the money and attackers. Every web application developers should have skills to secure web application. In fact, development should be a process with constant involvement of cyber security experts.

Join us in this goal of creating secure cyber space. This course is great starting point to earn some good bounties with bugs. Take a look at some free previews and See You Inside Course.

Who this course is for:
  • interested in securing your web application
  • Interested in Becoming Bug bounty hunter
  • web developers
  • Ethical hacker
  • pentesters
Web Application penetration testing and Bug Bounty Course Download

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